In this unsettling time of COVID-19, we thank you for your loyalty, understanding and ongoing support. From the team at INA and our partners, we are thinking of you. We want to let you know that we are still operating and sending your donations to the projects. Our partners are complying with government restrictions, just like we are doing at home. We ask that you join us in praying for the end of this crisis. When this is all over, there will be a huge expense as the need will be greater than ever. Stay safe.


Women around the world continue to suffer from discrimination, oppression and marginalisation. SHE is a movement aiming to educate girls and women, train communities in equal rights, highlight child protection, ensure greater access to health services, and provide loans and resources for improved livelihoods so women can better provide for their families.


ChildLink is a program which ensures parents and communities are empowered to protect children from all forms of abuse and provide all possible opportunities for quality education, good health and values to grow into adulthood and as future leaders,
contribute to positive change for ending injustice.

Just Like Me

Our program aims to educate children in Australia about the needs of children living in poor communities, while also raising much needed funds to assist INA in our work. Kids helping kids is a great outcome and it’s just one of the reasons we are so passionate about bringing the program to your school community.


We are Christian

We value and respect people of all ages, gender, race and creed

We are committed to empowering local communities

We are a voice for the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed

We are stewards of natural, human and financial resources

We demonstrate integrity and commitment

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