ChildLink is our child sponsorship program to empower parents and communities to protect children from all forms of abuse and provide the best possible opportunities for quality education, good health and values to grow into adulthood and as future leaders. For $45 a month,  your generous monthly donation will link you to a child and community in need and transform a life

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Because of Child Sponsors, Anaya is in School

I dream of becoming a lawyer someday and hope I will be supported through college so I can finish my education,” says Anaya*

The hard reality is that without the support of people like you, Anaya would not be in school. Her family of five’s monthly income of less than $35 means education is not an option on their own.

Anaya, 12 years old and in Year 6 knows you have played a critical role in her education. Since Year 1, Anaya has been supported by your donations to the ChildLink program, and through your care and action, she has been receiving essential school like books and stationary supplies each year along with internet access to pursue her education. 

By sponsoring a child, you provide children like Anaya a pathway out of poverty and give them a chance to create a brighter future for themselves

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What you can do

ChildLink is our child sponsorship program that targets kids at risk and gives them a ladder out of the poverty cycle.

Our model is different.

You link to a child, but we will ensure that your donation is used to help parents and the community, as well as the child. This means that the benefits are fairer and more widespread. The child’s peers, friends, family and the whole community will benefit. This means better education, better health and a better childhood, and a better future for more people. It just makes better sense.

How it works

 You will receive: 


  • A profile and photograph of the child you are Linked with to keep and treasure;
  • The opportunity to communicate with the child you are Linked to through letter writing;
  • The chance to encourage, support and pray for the child you are Linked to;
  • The good feeling of knowing that your action improves a life in real, practical and meaningful ways, and gives them the chance they didn’t have.

The difference you make

Your sponsorship gives the child you are linked to, their parents and their community:


  • Access to a good quality education;
  • Access to health services;
  • Family and community counselling support services;
  • Help for families in generating and managing income so that they can better provide for their own children and other household needs;
  • Empowerment to protect and educate children;
  • Advocacy for the rights of children (including the prevention of sexual slavery, abuse, exploitation and child marriages);
  • Allowing children to be children – to play and enjoy a life free from hunger, exploitation and abuse..

Where We Work

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