INA ZOOM EVENT UGANDA : Challenges & Solutions in 2022



Join us, Justus Miwanda & several other special guests in our first event of 2022 where we focus on the struggles of the Ugandan community during and post-Covid & what is being done to ensure these challenges are being addressed head on.



7.30 pm

Introduction to our first event of 2022!

7.35 pm

Justus Miwanda – Ugandan Challenges during & post-Covid

7.50 PM

Special Guest – Challenges & Solutions

8.00 PM

Special Guest – International Needs Uganda

8.10 PM

Special Guest – ChildLink impact & updates

8.15 PM

Event Q&A run by INA Staff (15 minutes)


1. Justus Miwanda

Justus currently serves as Director of IN Uganda (INUG) and is one of INA’s partners. Through a range of empowering development projects, Justus has helped thousands of Ugandans transform their lives.

With unparalleled insight on the region, Justus will help us navigate through the complex challenges that Uganda is facing post-Covid, and the solutions currently available.

2. Challenges & Solutions in Uganda


With the help of special guests, we will offer insight on the Post – COVID challenges currently impacting the region as well as a range of different solutions available to help appease the situation.

We will also offer an update on the programs you support in these countries as well as the impact that they make.



3. ChildLink Update


With the help of International Needs Uganda staff & current ChildLink children, we will be delivering a project update as well as some impactful stories regarding the work you support.



Muzanganda Ivan

A social worker by profession, Ivan has worked in the ChildLink department of International Needs Uganda (INUG) since 2009. Now the Sponsorship Manager, he describes himself as being inspired by changing the lives of people, and working with a motivated team.

“I am grateful to God…for the support we always get from our development partners which has enabled us to reach the children and community with services like education, counselling and guidance, medical care, protection and care and community development. The reports and stories of the impact caused by the support say it.”

Robina Nagawa Opio

With an unemployed father, and a mother with no reliable source of income, Robina was raised in poverty, unable to attend school. In grade 6, however, Robina was sponsored through International Needs Uganda (INUG). Ten years later, she graduated from College with a diploma in Social Work, and joined the staff at INUG as an Area Community Development Officer (ACDO) working in the ChildLink program.

“I am very grateful to all our donors who decide to give a hand and support a child in Uganda. Through your help…children from vulnerable families have been able to get education and communities have become better.”

Vincent Seruyange

As a child, Vincent lived with his grandmother, who could not afford to send him to school. Now supported through the ChildLink program, Vincent is a year 11 student studying Physics, Economics and Mathematics at International Needs Uganda’s Buikwe Senior Secondary School.

“Ever since I joined the program, my life has never been the same again… I was a speaker in the child to child club advocating for the rights of children at school. I was elected as the Academic Prefect in form three which helped to shape my leadership skills and the holiday gatherings have improved on my social interacting skills… I have seen myself grow spiritually, intellectually, economically and socially. My passion is to be an Architectural Engineer and I believe I will be able to achieve it because of International Needs.”


27th of April 2022

7.30 PM on ZOOM