Gift of Justice

Poor communities around the world foster environments of discrimination, wage disparagement and unequal rights for women – often resulting in unserviceable debt and generational poverty. By giving $11 a month, your gift will help women and girls to be part of community, to be seen, safe and protected from injustice.

A Gift of Justice will help women and girls to be part of the community, to be seen, safe and protected from injustice.

We do this by:

  • Educating on women’s rights
  • Inviting women into support groups
  • Helping women with opportunities for employment
  • Advocating on behalf of young girls
  • Advocating against traditional and harmful practices

Kamala Teaches on Girl’s Rights… and So Much More

Kamala, a 14-year-old student in Nepal, is a leader in her school, and a champion of menstrual hygiene and girls’ rights.

Within her school, Kamala heads up the learning on menstrual hygiene management, which is one of seven topics taught around water, sanitation and hygiene.

In Nepal, chhaupadi (the practice of banning women and girls from the home to stay in separate huts during menstruation, due to the belief that they are “impure”) is illegal, but still prevalent. Kamala was not satisfied with this, nor the negative stigmas and attitudes attached to menstruation.

So, she is fighting to combat those stigmas, and empowering her fellow students to do the same… all while educating both male and female classmates, so that everyone can champion girls’ rights.

Educating on women’s rights

Where: India Sri, Lanka

How: Communities come together to learn about women’s’ rights and how to collectively fight the injustices that affect girls and women. This includes making sure women hold decision-making roles and understanding that their value lies far beyond marriage and motherhood.

Inviting women into support groups in various areas

Where: Nepal, Sri Lanka, India (Krupa), Philippines, Ethiopia, Uganda, Myanmar

How: Vulnerable women will be welcomed into women’s support groups that can include Self-Help Groups, Mothers Groups, savings groups like Community Managed Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA), Farmers Associations and more. These groups provide training and learning to help women is various areas.

Helping women with opportunities for employment

Where: Nepal, Sri Lanka, India (Krupa), Philippines, Ethiopia, Uganda, Myanmar

How: Through training, women can learn new skills, a trade, farming, leadership, business skills, saving techniques and more. These opportunities give women the chance to offer their skills to earn an income to support themselves and their families, while raising their self-esteem and confidence.

Advocating on behalf of young girls

Where: Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda

How: Young girls are at risk when they or their parents do not know about child rights or child protection. Through relevant teaching, girls can be safer – to advocate for themselves and for parents to recognise signs of rights and safety violations, and learn how to act or where to turn for help.

Advocating against traditional and harmful practices

Where: Ethiopia, India, Nepal

How: Communities are trained and educated on harmful practices against women and girls. Men are included, so that everyone has the same understanding and can champion change so women can become more mentally and physically healthy.

The Good News

Helping women and girls through Gift of Justice can produce:

  • Proper wages
  • Healthy families
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Reduction in domestic violence
  • Girls staying in school
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Improved self-esteem and restoration of dignity
  • Hope for a better life

Jesusa Has a Store… and the Opportunity to Save Money

Jesusa is a 40-year-old mother of four in the Philippines. Her husband earned roughly $5AUD a day. This used to be their only source of income, with Jesusa unable to contribute to the family’s income or help with buying food.

Then, Jesusa learned about Community Managed Savings and Credit Association (CoMSCA) groups, and attended an orientation. After that, she was so excited to learn business skills and start saving.

Through CoMSCA, she was able to leverage a loan in order to add grocery items to her mini store. And through her savings and group share out amounts, she bought a refrigerator, so can now sell cold and frozen products.

With membership in this vital support group, Jesusa now has a sustainable livelihood which helps her provide for the needs of her family. She is also becoming a leader in her community, holding leadership positions and helping to form more CoMSCA groups to benefit more women.

Jesusa has a mini shop, and the chance to earn an income and save

Why Regular Giving Works

Here are three reasons why your regular Gift of Justice is a great way to fight poverty.

Stability | Resourcing | Investment

You provide stable financial support for women and their families.

You help meet their physical, emotional and vocational needs through loans, training,
education, counselling and support.

You help build the nation and community in which women live as they will share their new information and experiences within their communities, so others benefit from the training, education and new knowledge.


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