Location: Marikina and Leyte Districts
Project 1: Education and Economic Development Project
Project 2: Expanding Health Access & Awareness
PARTNER: Vineyard / Baxter International Foundation
The Philippines, in southeast Asia, is made up of 7,107 islands. 21.6% of the population falls below the national poverty line. In 2015, a family of five needed at least 6,329 PHP ($173 AUD) every month to meet basic food needs and at least 9,064 PHP ($247 AUD) every month to meet those and non-food needs. Three out of five families whose heads did not attend school are poor, resulted in a high unemployment rate, reaching 6.3%.

Project One:

Education and Economic Development Project

Goal of the Project

Vineyard is funded by ChildLink and SHE and supports 630 children with their education. They will organise tutorial classes with volunteer tutors, and medical and dental clinics for Linked and non-Linked children. Vineyard is transitioning from a service delivery to a community development approach to make a bigger impact. Critical approaches include financial literacy for families and Community Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). COMSCA’s primary purpose is to provide simple savings and loan facilities in a community that does not have access to formal financial services. COMSCA creates local pools of capital, providing access to useful lump sums:


  • To meet predictable expenses,
  • To reduce shocks to vulnerable livelihoods,
  • To facilitate household cash-flow management,
  • And to make short-term investments in income-generating activities.

Progress Update (from July ’20 until July ’21)

  • 169 parents received online tutoring on how to support their children,
  • 395 families received a food packet along with school supplies,
  • 370 children were supported with online learning modules, vitamins and other items for safety such as face masks and hygiene supplies,
  • After flooding in November 2020, blankets, masks, water bottles and 1,218 food packets were distributed in the Marikina district,
  • Currently, there are 33 functional CoMSCA groups (1,000 members with 75 Linked families),
  • 18 CoMSCA groups had a share out activity, where members used their returned savings for cell phones, to install wi-fi or for medical emergencies..
To help support children in their health and education, and COMSCA groups to learn to earn and save, donate today.

Project Two:

Expanded Health Access and Awareness

Goal of the Project

This project is funded through Vineyard by Baxter International Foundation to work on improving health issues for families. This includes increased awareness on serious health issues, improved access to health services from the community level to the national level and enhanced skills of individuals in responding to basic health needs as well as First Aid needs in disaster contexts.

These are shown in the following indicators:

  1. 20% decrease of men and women who report missing at least a day of work due to illness over the past month,
  2. 65% decrease of boys and girls who report missing at least a day of school due to illness over the past month,
  3. 73% decrease in households reporting waiting more than 2 days to see the relevant health service last time they were sick

Progress Update (from April ’20 until March ’21)

  • 22 leaders from 4 areas attended training on Health issues and Citizen’s Voice and Action (CVA) advocacy approach,
  • 241 participants attended online CVA and mental health training, which has become an increasingly important issue during the pandemic,
  • Leaflets about Basic Health Services and Referral System were distributed to Linked families and CoMSCA members,
  • 402 children in 5 communities received food packs, vitamins and some sanitary materials,
  • 370 children and adults in 5 communities were supplied with vitamins,
  • 405 families (380 women, 25 men) from 5 communities received financial assistance and goods during the lockdown,
  • 31 leaders are working closely with the staff of Vineyard in implementing different healthcare activities and monitoring the wellbeing of families,
  • 120 first aid kits were distributed in Leyte for Linked families.
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